December 10, 2013

 Baroness Catherine Ashton

High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy.

Vice-President of the European Commission

200, rue de la Loi, B-1049 Brussels 

Your Excellency: 

I am writing you to denounce abuses to Human Rights in Cuba as indicated in the following paragraphs: 

This is an extract of Head of State Raúl Castro speech at Mandela’s Memorial on December 10, 2013: “Mandela has set out an insurmountable example to Latin America and the Caribbean which are currently moving towards unity and integration for the benefit of their peoples on the basis of respect for diversity and convinced that it is only through dialogue and cooperation that discrepancies can be resolved and a civilized relationship established between those who think differently.” 

December 10th is the commemoration of Human Rights in the world. These are news from Cuba today describing harsh repressive actions to people trying to demonstrate support for Human Rights in Cuba, contrary to Mr. Castro’s statement: 


Cuban police detained dozens of dissidents, beat up others, blocked their telephones and sealed off their homes Tuesday to forestall a string of protests and other gatherings planned to mark International Human Rights Day.

Among those detained were the leader and more than 20 members of the Ladies in White, who tried to gather in a popular corner of Havana. Another 30 activists were also detained in the eastern province of Santiago de   Cuba, according to dissident reports.

And police left 16 dissidents bleeding and arrested six others when they raided the home of Roger Curbelo, a member of the opposition Christian Liberation Movement (MCL) in the eastern town of Puerto Padre, according to MCL activist Ramón García.
HAVANA (AP) — Cuban government agents have detained about 20 dissidents arriving for an International Human Rights Day march, halting the demonstration before it started.

The opponents were seen being taken away in cars and buses Tuesday afternoon after their planned protest along a central street in Havana was interrupted.

Havana, Dec 10 (EFE). — Members of the Ladies in White dissident group on Tuesday were severely harassed by Cuban government supporters as they were trying to gather at a crowded spot in Havana to begin a march to commemorate U.N. International Human Rights Day.

Efe saw at least 20 of the Ladies, who arrived at the spot in small groups, cleared from the location and placed by security agents and police into cars and buses while being harassed by a large proregime mob.

“Death to the Ladies in White” and “Down with the worms” were some of the insults shouted by government partisans at the women, the latter term being a common one used by island authorities and residents for Cubans who do not support the Revolution.

(Reuters) – About 30 female relatives of political prisoners walked silently through the ramshackle Havana streets carrying flowers and Cuban flags before being surrounded and jostled by some 250 people shouting “Traitors” and “The street belongs to Fidel.”

“How can it be possible that they won’t let us walk in the streets on this day?” said Melba Santana Ariz, whose husband has been held on the island as a political prisoner since 2003. “There are no human rights here.”

I respectfully request your assistance in contacting the Cuban government to support the right to pacifically protest and present public demands. 


Gonzalo Fernández

1/16/14 – Message in response to your email to the Baroness Ashton of 10 December 2013 on human rights in Cuba

Dear Sir, 

On behalf of Mr John Caloghirou, Head of Caribbean Division EEAS V A5, please see attached. 

Best regards, 

Felicie Nelly SHORT. Caribbean Division (EEAS V A5). European External Action Service (EEAS)

 Attachment :





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