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octubre 9, 2017

In Havana, when we lived there, competitions of amateurs were in the radio since immemorial times but they were not well organized or supported by cash rewards for contestants. Angel Cambó and Miguel Gabriel (CMQ radio station) introduced changes and launched a radio program, “The Supreme Court of Art”, with prizes in cash for outstanding weekly winners, and a chance for professionalism

The winner in the daily elimination received a cash prize of $10; for the winners of the week two highest places there were, for the first place $25 and for the second $20. (Take into account that those were amounts in exchange values of many years ago.)

My wife Teresa Fernandez (née Rodriguez) says that she and a high school fellow student, Rosita Molina, were encouraged by friends to appear in the Supreme Court of Art, in the program of 11 AM. They counted on the presence at the studio of many other students, including Fina, a sister two years older than she.

Rosita and she sang a duet, and Teresa interpreted a solo, “No Vale la Pena” (Not Worth the Efforts), a bolero by a well known composer and piano player, Orlando de la Rosa. Orlando de la Rosa was then the accompanying pianist of the program. Teresa recalls that there was no rehearsal, just a few phrases from the bolero so that Orlando de la Rosa arranged her accompaniment to the tone of her voice.

She won the first place that day!

A neighbor of Teresa’s family, who lived on the second floor of their house, was listening to the program, and when Teresa was on the air, she shouted to Teresa’s mother “María, María, Teresita is singing in the Supreme Court.”

That was the end for Teresa’s public singing in Havana. In first place, her mother did no allow her to compete in the weekend program.

She and Fina had not said anything in their home. When they arrived at the house, the mother gave them tremendous scolding, which the blame mainly placed on Fina, with their mother saying that she was responsible by being the eldest.

Teresa continued singing in the high school choir. When she enrolled at the University of Havana, she joined the University Chorale, where her sister (Yeyé) was deputy director.

Yeyé had Teresa as the leader of her voice cord. During the years she sang in the choral, Yeyé rehearsed with Teresa the songs of the programs, accompanying her to the piano in their house, to ensure the performance of the choral cord of the group of which she was leader.

That, in short, was an excellent musical training for Teresa, and I think it allowed her, over the years, to be always in control of the tone of the songs she has interpreted.

… as time goes by.

Some years ago, a nephew asked Teresa to sing the “Ave María” at his wedding. Teresa sought a person to prepare this song and took classes with her, continuing with another voice teacher until today.

Her training in Raleigh is of Operatic Arias and art songs, while singing the popular music of Cuba, and other Latin American and Spanish countries.

Her singing style reflects both the traditional techniques of Bel Canto and the characteristics of the country’s folklore in particular.

She recently presented these two songs in English on YouTube and the Internet.

Composer Marc Schoenfield. Recorded at Daxwood Production Company, Fayetville N.C. Doyle Wood guitar, Paul Murphy piano and small horn.



Vocalist at the DooR to DooR program at UNC Hospitals. 2010 to present.
Raleigh Symphony Orchestra Chamber Players “The Free Spirits” guest vocalist, 2012 to present.
North Carolina State University 125th anniversary. “What We Wore,” vocalist, written and directed by John C. McIlwee, Titmus Theater, 2012.
“Music and May Flowers” concert with the Raleigh Symphony Orchestra, in 2000.
Local NBC “Christmas” shows in 2000 and 2001.
“Landmarks and Landscapes” workshop at the American Dance Festival at Duke University in 2009.
“The Sound of Music” staged by Benson Little Theater in 2001 (in the role of Mother Abbess) in 2001.
“Mama, I want to Sing”, Black Repertoire Music. “A Little Night Music” (in the role of Madame Arnfeld) both staged by NCSU University Theater, in 2002.
Raleigh Symphony Orchestra Chamber Players “The Free Spirits”, vocal soloist for the 2003, 2004 and 2005 seasons.
“International Festival of Raleigh” and “El Pueblo Festival”, several years.
“Songs of the Soul” at the Daniels Auditorium in the North Carolina Museum of History, presented by Pine Cone, with Ed Stephenson and the Paco Band, in 2004.
“Songs of Cuba and Puerto Rico”, at Exploris, in 2005.


Sentir cubano en otras tierras.

febrero 27, 2015

Vivo con mi esposa Teresa en Raleigh, Carolina del Norte, EEUU. Hemos tenido tres nevadas en los últimos diez días. La última por mas de cinco pulgadas. Adjunto fotos. Merece observarse la acumulación de nieve sobre los arbustos a la izquierda.